As per Academic curriculum  final year B. Pharmacy students should do their project in any Pharmaceutical area under the guidance with faculty.
This project work will provide  platform to the student to exposure their knowledge in the Research  filed ,that will be  useful for their studies.
Last year Project 2011-2012

  1. Formulation of taste masked or-Dispersible tablets of ambroxol  hydrochoride

  2. Fromulation & Evaluation of morfloxacin microspheres using various polymers

  3. Formulation and  evaluation of mouth dissolving films  containing rizatriptan benzoate  .

  4. Formulation and evaluation of oxcarbazepine controlled release matrix tablets.

  5. Development of spectrophotometric method for  the determination of olopatadine hydrochloride.

  6. Formulation of taste masked oro-dispersible tablets of ambroxol hydrochloride

  7. Preparation and evaluation  of rifampicin  microspheres as a sustained release drug delivery system.