Code of Conduct

The college aims to inculcate ideals and values that will help students to emerge as better human beings. Keeping the ideal in mind, the college has adopted the following norms that are binding upon all its students.

Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times- in class and on campus- in a manner that builds their personality.

The use of cellular / mobile phones,  walkers and other wireless equipment is Prohibited in the working areas of the college  (classrooms, corridors, library, lab).

Violation of this rule may lead to confiscation of the instrument by the authorities.

Library rules should be obeyed implicitly. Disciplinary action will be initiated against students who tamper with library books, mark on the books, deface the book or tear pages from the books. The Computer Lab has its own rules:  The students shall observe them scrupulously .Those who misuses the facilities will not be entitled to use the labs.

Use of Internet for the purpose other than academic related activities is banned.

Students shall observe silence in the designated silence areas.

Students shall conduct themselves with propriety in the hostel and outside the campus. Students who get involved in public disturbances will face suspension or possible expulsion from the Institute.


Attendance at special seminars and Guest lectures is compulsory for the designated classes.